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production-like environments

Nimbus lets your team manage and code on EC2 and other cloud VMs. Environments are always perfectly configured and ready to go. This means more coding and less waiting and configuring.

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Consistent environments.
Scaled infinitely.

Nimbus delivers a pre-configured dev machine ready for code. Scale from 1 to 100 engineers overnight without any additional dev environment set up.

No more “it doesn't work on my machine” and outdated set up docs.

Cut wait times with unlimited power

Decouple computing power from the device; code comfortably from your parents netbook from 2010

End environment set up & maintenance

Just click and code. Get rid of boring and tedious set up and maintenance of development environments

Secure developer endpoints

Build using native editors and IDEs while keeping code secure in the cloud

Learn how Nimbus works

Check out our Demo here and get started in minutes. Available now in the VS Code Extension Marketplace.

Double down on your workflow and focus on what you do best. Learn how Nimbus makes the way you work better; no new tools or added complexity.

Set up your environment and bring the power, speed, and flexibility of Nimbus to your workflow today.

Onboard teams minutes, resolve config drift in seconds

Onboard teams in minutes, resolve config drift in seconds

Whether it’s a new hire, contractor, intern, or someone  dropping in to help - anyone you permission can start right away.  And configuration drift or broken environments... that doesn’t happen anymore.

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High power, low thermals

High power, cool device

Code on powerful redundant computers on the cloud while keeping palms dry, keys cool and device fans quiet. Enjoy a buttery smooth local experience with insanely fast cloud development.

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Embrace remote teams and collaborate with ease

With low bandwidth requirements and data transfers occurring at data centers instead of your home or office, Nimbus level the playing field regardless of where your team is.  

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Multitask across workspaces and live dev environments

Multitask across workspaces and live dev environments

Run, manage, and code on multiple development environments at once. Nimbus lets you amplify your workflow in ways you never thought possible.

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You already know how to setup Nimbus

You already know how to set up Nimbus

Set up development environments the same way your team operates. Just configure access and permissions and you're ready to develop!

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It’s a computer!


Control, customize, and scale your development environment.


$5 monthly per user

+ storage & computing

Designed for individuals and perfect for small, nimble teams

  • Up to 5 seats
  • Environment config
  • Environment management
  • E-mail support
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$25 monthly per user

+ storage & computing

Perfect for teams with medium sized teams and growing complexity

  • Up to 30 seats
  • Environment config
  • Environment management (with prebuilds coming soon)
  • Private Slack support
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+ storage & computing

Built for teams with large or complex teams with demanding dev environments

  • All Pro features
  • Unlimited seats
  • SSO and SAML
  • Host on your cloud
  • Premium Support
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Usage Fees on Nimbus Cloud

Medium Workspace
2 core, 4 GB RAM
$0.073 per hour
Estimate $9* / mo
Large Workspace
2 core, 8 GB RAM
$0.144 per hour
$18* / mo
XL Workspace
4 core, 16 GB RAM
$0.293 per hour
$36* / mo
2XL Workspace
8 core, 32 GB RAM
$0.586 per hour
$70* / mo
Blazing fast storage
Unlimited storage
$0.096 per gb
$10* / mo
*Estimate for full time engineer based on 30 hours of usage per week
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Tell me what Nimbus does in 10 seconds?

Nimbus takes your project development environments and puts them on the cloud so everyone can work in a fast and consistent manner. This means less configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance, etc.

What are development environments? Why are they needed?

Get ready for a long answer...

Development environments are a workspace that acts as a layer of abstraction to automatically handle everything needed to make code into its end product - like source code, runtime, compilers, debuggers and more. Development environments are used to give programmers a safe space to work with control and flexibility. 

This safe space is a necessity but problematic. They sit on a programmer’s laptop (i.e. local), so they drain your battery and make them run hot and loud. It also introduces risk to the code base because the most vulnerable part of development is the programmer endpoint. It’s also a pain to maintain - development environments take time to set up and maintain as complexity evolves, docs become outdated, knowledge leaves the team, and the team grows. There are also inherent software decay and versioning issues (e.g. package X is updated but not package Y) that further complicate this.

What does Nimbus actually do?

Nimbus handles the preparation, replication, delivery and access control of dev environments. We do the heavy lifting of making dev environments accessible and scalable. Developers typically access these environments through an editor extension, SSH, or a lightweight integration at a project, team or company level.

How does Nimbus compare with what we already have?

Honestly, it’s hard to say. Some companies will build out something similar to get similar benefits. We’ve found engineers want to build new and innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges resulting in less optimal in-house solutions. Reach out to compare and make an informed decision.

How long does it take to set up Nimbus for my project?

It takes no longer to set up Nimbus than it does to set up one machine. However, once Nimbus is set up, that environment can now be deployed to an entire team.

We have some other exciting time saving set up features in development though. Stay tuned!

What editors support Nimbus?

Currently, we have an integration into VS Code (Mac, PC, Linux) via a free extension in themarketplace.

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