Easy remote development infra for teams

Nimbus lets your team manage and code on remote cloud environments. Environments are always perfectly configured and ready to go. This means more coding and less waiting and configuring.

1 min

dev onboarding


faster builds


more time to code

Speed up slow monorepo builds

Avoid dependent services setup; run them remotely

Never hear “but it works on my machine”

Faster development, fewer blockers

Save time

Works like local environments with the power of the cloud and the tools you’re already using. Focused on making developers’ lives easy by providing the flexibility and control they’re accustomed to while reducing up to 40% of the development issues they face.

Upgrade and maintain tools and dependencies across the entire team

Share apps in development via URLs

Improve issue resolution speed with more visibility to DevOps and SREs

Simplify management, enable teamwork

Stay in sync

Keep global teams in-sync with identical hardware and software infrastructure, dependencies, tools, and repositories. Nimbus is the kind of technology that gets out of the way, and lets developers focus on what they care about at that time - software design, code, reviews and tests, collaboration, etc.

Ultra-fast VMs with 5 GB network speeds & high performance block storage

Host on your cloud for complete control over data and code

Never lose your work - workspaces are persistent and disposable

Secure, stable, reliable

Peace of mind

Minimizing risk and issues is the easiest way to improve engineering and ITs quality of life. Nimbus has you covered with your work/data protected. Even if you're connected from slow congested coffee shop WiFi, you work on a powerful machine with blazing fast network speeds.

Empower your teams with Nimbus


More time to code

Spend more time designing and building software with production-like environments that are faster and more reliable than local development.


Build faster and scale

Increase software development velocity and predictability by keeping engineers happy and unblocked. Build for scale and security without locking your team into a platform or stack.

SRE & DevOps

Fix issues faster

Reduce environment issues and resolve them faster. Never struggle with reproducing an issue; get the access and information you need.

IT & TechOps

Control access and costs

Easily setup and fan out environments and environment updates, control access, and reduce cloud and hardware costs.


Hear from our customers

Faster than others

With Nimbus, we get productivity from day 1 and employees can use personal computers. We tried [another tool] but it was very laggy and Nimbus was faster!

Anand Chowdhary

CTO, Pabio

Faster to setup than email

Onboarding is a soul-destroying task with version management, settings and don’t forget ‘it works on my machine’. Nimbus gets you working faster than setting up email

Mark Walker

CTO, ArgoTrans

Absolutely superb!

Nimbus gives us smooth, streamlined starts and students get started right away. No more installation headaches! It's been a huge help and students really like using it.

Ian McKinnon

Campus Director, CodeCore



Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our friendly team

Tell me what Nimbus does in 10 seconds?

Nimbus takes your project development environments and puts them on the cloud so everyone can work in a fast and consistent manner. This means less configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance, etc.

What does Nimbus actually do?

Nimbus handles the preparation, replication, delivery and access control of dev environments. We do the heavy lifting of making dev environments accessible and scalable. Developers typically access these environments through an editor extension, SSH, or a lightweight integration at a project, team or company level.

How long does it take to set up Nimbus for my project?

That depends on the project. We’ve built tooling to support Terraform, scripts, and quick-install packages to cut down set up time. However, at most, It takes no longer to set up Nimbus than it does to set up one machine. Once Nimbus is set up, that environment can now be deployed to an entire team.

What IDEs do you support?

We have plugins for VS Code and Jetbrains. But any IDE that supports remote development can use Nimbus.

Do you have a free option?

We have a 14-day free trial that you can sign up for at app.usenimbus.com. We also offer a personalized 30-minute onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible or an additional setup service for teams evaluating Nimbus Premium.

I have a question about pricing or billing…

Check out our FAQs on the pricing page or reach out directly through our community Slack or email (hello@usenimbus.com).