Empower your team


Nimbus is built by engineers for engineers - and most get what we’re doing.

We free up time and provide peace of mind by speeding up processes (like builds) and improving reliability. And do this with a better-than-local experience; our rule is that Nimbus has to be as flexible and snappy (i.e. low latency) as your laptop.

But, engineers aren’t a monolith. In fact, we’ve hired engineers and made believers out of engineers that were opposed to remote development. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Engineering Leader

Happy engineers ship better products faster, but there’s more to engineering leadership than creating a cohesive and motivating environment.

Engineering leaders want to increase development velocity and predictability (i.e. move fast while breaking as few things as possible) while enabling engineers to make the right decision for the task at hand.

Nimbus helps avoid 40% of blockers that are local development related, works like local to support any tools your engineers want to use or try, and scales with teams and organizations (from a headcount perspective and support for scale tools like Terraform).

SRE & DevOps

“It works on my machine” is the last thing the SRE team wants to tell an engineer. But you can’t resolve an issue that is not reproducible. And it's even harder to be proactive without visibility or metrics - as many have on production environments. 

With Nimbus’ remote dev infrastructure, expect fewer issues and faster resolutions as environments are consistent across an entire team regardless of where they are or what device they use. And when something does break, review the metrics and SSH directly into the machine in its affected state.

IT & TechOps

IT and TechOps teams have long worked closely with engineering. One of the biggest challenges have been in protecting and controlling development machines while still enabling and empowering engineers.

Nimbus works with these teams to bring them closer and build custom roles and controls. That way, every team can choose the right access levels and responsibilities.

QA Engineers

QA engineers have long struggled with setting up and maintaining multiple testing environments. They need to manage tools, dependencies, test data, connections, and more. It can be days before some QA teams actually start testing.

Standardized development environments through Nimbus make setting up environments a thing of the past. And with easy ways to share workspaces, QA can begin even before the code merge or code review.

Product & Design

Product development is a team sport. Product, design, executives, customers, partners, and various other collaborators often need to work with engineering to help build and refine a product. But it's often been a pain to share and showcase this incomplete or work-in-progress product.

With Nimbus, entire environments with in-progress work can be shared in a working state. This makes it easier for collaborators to see and experience the product in real-time, collect feedback, or excite prospects and customers.