How it works

Nimbus provides full control of workspaces provisioned on-demand or in advance through an SSH tunnel (see image below) into a VM. That's the easy part. The hard part is doing this with > 10ms of latency, serving global teams, and simplifying the setup, scale, and controls for engineers and their broader team.

With Nimbus you can work in VMs (on Nimbus Cloud) or choose between VMs and containers (self-hosted). We leave the choice up to you, but chose VMs over containers for security for our managed solution to more closely resemble local development, and so users won't have to complicate their workflow running containers within containers.

This workstation based design (in contrast to repository based designs) means you can have multiple repositories in a workspace (like you would on a laptop).

Getting started

It’s easy to get started with two ways to experience Nimbus.

Simply, sign up and test out Nimbus in our starter workspace. Or, sync your repo and really put it to the test!

We're here to help either way.


Sign up

Sign up for free. All we need is a name, email, log-in password, and a general location to optimize performance.


Set up

Join our Slack, connect repos, and launch the workspace! Nimbus will set up extensions automagically!


Get coding

Nimbus works like a local because an entire machine is dedicated to you. Try to find something that you can't do!