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Is there a free trial available?

Yes - there is a 14 day free trial for both the Self-Hosted and Nimbus Cloud options. For Self-Hosted trials, reach out to For Nimbus Cloud trials, sign up at this link.

Where in the world is the Nimbus Cloud?

Our cloud is built on top of AWS for the broadest geographic coverage and highest performance. We are able to support teams around the world and keep your data where you want.

How are usage fees calculated?

Usage fees (both compute and storage) only apply for Nimbus Cloud hosted services. If you self-host, there is no usage fees from Nimbus.

Compute usage is calculated based on workspace activity which you can managed in a variety of ways (active connections, scheduled operations, etc.).

Storage usage fees are charged based on average storage used in a month (e.g. charged for 50 gbs if you use 100 gbs for 15 days, and 0 gbs for 15 days). Templates do not count toward storage fees.

Can I try another use case with Nimbus?

Nimbus' design lends itself to many other general and unique use cases. We have many asks to experiment with Nimbus. We are happy to support your efforts on a case by case basis - reach out to

I have another question...

If you have another question about fees, payments, features, or tiers, please reach out to