Best in-class remote dev infrastructure for everyone

Scaling Teams

Though scaling and growing your team is a sign of great things, its not an easy task. Teams are trying to preserve their culture, update processes, improve security and access controls, and build organizational resilience while often handling an explosion of product complextiy or services.

Nimbus is designed to grow with your team. Security requirements change? Roll out changes in seconds. New hires or changing teams? Again - seconds to setup. We’ve helped companies expand globally, move from a managed service to a self-hosted solution, and bring order to chaotic environments through speed and simplicity.

Enterprise Orgs

Large engineering teams have a critical need to streamline the way they operate. These complex companies can't afford to have engineers blocked by their laptop or controllable issues - especially as the rest of the company depends on engineering.

And while much of downstream development has automation (e.g. CI/CD) and tooling, development environments have not received the same attention. But with streamlined dev environment operations, large engineering orgs can drive developer velocity and reliability that is critical to their company health.

Updating Internal  Infrastructure

Many large engineering organizations will already have remote development infrastructure in place. But maintaining and improving these solutions is difficult and expensive.

It's difficult to set a vision, prioritize, integrate with other tooling, and retain knowledge within a team. On top of this, the salary costs or opportunity costs of an engineer building and maintaining this kind of tooling can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To help software teams focus on what matters to them, Nimbus helps transition or augment current internal remote dev infrastructure. These

Contracted Devs

It can take weeks to to onboard contracted developers or development teams. And when they are onboarded, they have free access to source code - your most important IP.

To mitigate this risk, some teams will ask contractors to use a virtual desktop (like AWS Workspaces) or send the contractor a company issued laptop. But virtual desktops are awful and impact productivity, and issuing laptops is expensive, time consuming, and complicates operations.

Using a remote development environment can let contracted staff start right away while protecting your source code. And when the contract is done, you can offboard the engineer in seconds.

Remote Teams

Setting up and managing remote teams is hard. The same hardware might not be available, internet speeds are slow in some regions, and there's no one next to you or your engineer to help troubleshoot. 

With Nimbus, engineers can work on identical environments with network speeds determined by the data centers of the cloud provider. No troubleshooting needed.