Top features

Host on your cloud

IT and Security teams can sleep easy. Nimbus makes it easy to set up, launch, run, and manage on remote development infrastructure on your own cloud - keeping all your data and code secure and under your control. There are varying levels of self-hosted options available - including “bring your own cloud”, self-host the entire infrastructure, or an air-gapped solution.

Terraform Integrated

We don’t think the world needs another new YAML or config file. That’s why Nimbus supports Terraform. Terraform is one of the most popular IaC (infrastructure as code) to create, change, manage, and improve your infrastructure. 

VSCode, JetBrains, and more

Remote development doesn’t have to feel different. With tight IDE integrations and thoughtful design that puts engineers in control, Nimbus makes remote development feel local. Pick projects, switch environments, and share work without leaving your IDE. 

Enterprise security

Designed to be secure from Day 1. Nimbus lets you control access through SSO, route traffic through VPN, and separate environments from laptops to keep data, and code safe and secure. But it doesn’t stop there, you can even keep the entire team aligned on the most stable and secure tools, packages, and dependencies.

Live Previews

Software development is a team sport, so why go at it alone? Nimbus lets developers expose apps or APIs to their team. Let designers and developers see what you see in their browsers without pushing to any other environment. Goodbye, zoom screenshares - you will not be missed.

Centralized control and management 

“But it works on my machine 🤷” said no one on Nimbus. Complete consistency from top to bottom is what we promise. Your team will be on identical machines, with identical tooling, packages, and other dependencies. If something breaks or someone breaks it, throw out what's broken and start again in seconds.